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An Amusing but Pointed Welcome Poem for Kids With New Digital Devices

Click here to read my second poem about kids’ advice to parents.

Since it’s National Poetry Month, I decided to write a few amusing verses about digital kids and the connected world. You are welcome to attach this poem, with attribution, to any new device that a member of your family receives. Enjoy!

An Amusing but Pointed Welcome Poem PDF

Congrats on acquiring a new mobile device,
Have fun working and playing, but here’s some advice.
With your friends or relations who, like you, love the web
You’ll connect with so much, you’ll feel like a celeb!

But remember! When you work, play, or hangout online,
You must understand when you need to decline.
Kids often forget while using devices
That it’s easy to get caught in another kid’s vices.

It’s great fun to partake of apps, websites, and more,
Because you and your friends mostly do know the score.
You’re connected, you’re sharing – and that’s really great!
But please know that you’ll make more than one big mistake.                       

ipad-1Just because it seems fun to share and to show,
Don’t believe for one moment that no one will know.
Thoughts get passed on, more people discover
And if a problem ensues, it can be hard to recover.

When your parents were young, it was notes they would write.
They’d pass them in class to kids left and kids right.
But that’s mostly as far as notes ever would go
So getting in trouble was a pretty tame show.

Online when kids think what they do can’t be seen,
They just may be tempted by things that are mean.
Please try hard to refrain from gossip or tall tales
So your devices and you avoid too many fails.

From devices your messages launch into space,
You’ll never again control time or their place.
There are so many directions for a message to go
If a problem occurs, it may just grow and grow.

iphone 6s on blackThink carefully about the content you’ve penned,
And work hard to make your device a true friend.
Respect others, the way you hope you’re regarded
So you won’t find yourself with problems bombarded.

Enjoy, learn, and have fun with devices each day,
But use kindness and goodness in all that you say.
Do put down your devices for at least a few hours
To practice using your non-digital powers.

Copyright March 2017
Marti Weston
Check out the guide to digital life agreements and contracts.

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