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International Safer Internet Day – February 11, 2014

Parents and educators may want to encourage 21st Century learners to participate in the International Safer Internet Day celebration on February 11, 2014. This year I am especially looking forward to the event, because it focuses on what is good about the connected world. (Unfortunately, way too often people concentrate on the fear aspects of the connected world.)

One Good Thing
Instructions for Submitting a Video

Over 100 countries observe Safer Internet Day each year on a day in February. As a part of the celebration, United States organizers are asking participants to make short videos that share their thoughts about the good things that can happen on the Internet concentrating especially on how these good things contribute to making the world a better place.

The United States sponsors of the event are journalists Anne Collier and Larry Magid, who jointly run the website. Anne also writes on her blog at and Larry writes on his at

Check out the U.S. Safer Internet Day website below.                 

Visit the International Safer Internet Day Website  (tells a lot about the sponsors)

Students from all over the world are invited to make and submit short videos that share their thoughts, each highlighting one good thing about the Internet. The goal is for students from around the United States — and the world — to send in their videos over the next week or so. This is a great activity to do at home or at school, and parents and teachers of digital kids may find that making these videos leads to some good quality connected life conversations.

The organizers of International Safer Internet day hope that schools consider planning a February 11th community Safer Internet Day event and encourage students to make and share their videos with others in their schools.

I plan to make a video with students and after the event it will become a great tool to use when I work with parents.

I am not involved in the planning of this event, but the links above will have answers to your questions.

My post, The 2013 Digital World: What Can I Be Thankful For, published on Thanksgiving Day 2013, might help you get started brainstorming about good things.

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