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Most of you will not need to read this policy, but given the lack of decorum in today’s world, a review of expectations is in everyone’s best interest.

  • This blog loves reader comments, though many readers bypass the comments and use e-mail. Please feel free to comment. More are always welcome!
  • A goal at this blog is to acknowledge each comment in some way.
  • Comments are approved after they are checked for decorum. The readers of this blog,  do not need the aggravation of disrespectful, angry, or undignified remarks.
  • Opposite points of view are always fine, but please maintain respect. Otherwise Marti will get out her old-fashioned “red teacher’s pencil” and edit your comment (yes, she is old enough to remember grading with a colored pencil, though not always red).
  • A link in a comment is fine as long as it’s relevant and adds to the conversation.
  • If you get into an extended two-way comment/conversation with another person, consider going private and using your e-mail for communication.
  • Do you love to send spam?. The author of this blog LOVES Akismet, the spam blocking widget, and finds it really reliable. Only a few of Askimet’s decisions have been challenged.
  • If you have written a book, an article, or have your own blog site, it is fine to make a relevant comment or link to your content in a comment.  FYI:  Media! Tech! Parenting! loves book reviews and interesting research but cannot guarantee a review for every item that is recommended. Please check out my Good Reads: Learning and Digital Life Page.

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