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Fraudulent Text Adds Service to My Cell Phone! Don’t be Scammed!

This text message arrived out of the blue on my iPhone the other day.

This text message arrived on my mobile phone.

I had not ordered LoveGenie Tips, nor did I want to receive these messages. Moreover, I did not want to reply either to ask for help or to tell them to stop, because I worried that a reply might allow them to harvest more information about me.

So within ten minutes I called AT&T and spoke with a representative. NOTE: So far I have always worked with a stellar AT&T rep on the phone.  This time was no different.

The representative checked my bill right away, and sure enough, there was already a charge appended to my bill.  He removed it. And then he told me how to stop this from happening — for free.

AT&T has a free-of-charge control that keeps anyone from adding a charge to my bill without my pin number, whether by purchasing an app or adding a service, so I’ve added this to all of our mobile phones!

Final question… Why isn’t it illegal to bill people for things they do not order?

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