BMW PSA: Cell Phones, Texting, and Distracted Driving

Click here to watch the video on YouTube or watch below.

In my years as a teacher and parent (now with a with a young adult child), I’ve seen lots of public service announcements that focus on improved parenting, better health, preventing substance abuse, and the like.

However, I’ve never watched one with the impact and shock quality of this distracted driving video PSA, produced by BMW (see below) and released in June. Read a short report about the video at Auto News. BMW also put out a press release in, BMW Launches National Campaign Against Distracted Driving in Time for the Summer Driving Season.

Bravo BMW!

I do not text when I am driving, and the more I learn about horrible accidents, the less I talk on the phone while driving, even with my ear piece (I’ve started putting everything in the back seat).  If the phone rings in the car and I need to answer it, I usually pull over.

This video upset me — that is it works by presenting all of the safety conscious steps we parents insist upon with our children… and one big precaution that many people don’t take seriously. 

4 thoughts on “BMW PSA: Cell Phones, Texting, and Distracted Driving

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