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Learn Lots More from the New York Times About Addressing Kids’ Tech Use

screen timeAfter nine years of blogging at MediaTechParenting, I’ve written posts about kids, technology, parenting, screen time, citizenship, 21st Century life, digital devices — well you get the idea. Now a New York Times Smarter Living published report summarizes a good deal of what I’ve been writing about in a parents’ guide to raising and guiding kids in the digital world.

How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Tech Use by Melanie Pinola (@MelaniePinola) includes just about everything a digital age parent needs to know. The comprehensive and well-packaged guide overflows with information. Keep it nearby, whether your child is a new baby, a teenager, or any age in between.

Pinola breaks her digital parenting guide into three parts:  

  1. Aim for Balance
  2. Be a Role Model
  3. Make Tech a Family Affair

But don’t be fooled. Each section is filled with tips, observations, and connected world common sense suggestions, all without any digital parenting shaming. And yes, many of these ideas have been featured on this blog over the years.

If you want information about your child right now, click on the menu at the top (organized by age), and find Pinola’s information handily sorted into the developmental and cognitive stages through which growing children move.

Keep this report on your fridge, pinned to your bulletin board, on your desk, or in your briefcase, but keep in in a place where you can consult it on a regular basis.

Of course, please keep reading MediaTechParenting to learn about kids and the digital world, interesting articles, research, and ideas for ensuring that digital wellness is a part of your family life. Below are a few of my blog posts that address the “hows” and “when” of living with children in our digitally dense and always-interesting 21st Century world.

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