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Digital Devices & Parent-Teen Time Issues — New Research

Click here to visit the Common Sense Media research page and sign in for a larger and higher quality image.

Check out the interesting new research just out from Common Sense Media about the issues and challenges when it comes to 21st Century digital kids and their mobile devices. The image depicts a range of statistics and device issues, collected via a poll of 1,200 parents and teens.

This infographic can be an excellent resource to use for family conversations about teens’ and children’s screen and digital device times (and adults’ times, too). It offers a range of information that can help parents discuss potential problems and concerns.

If you are thinking about creating some device-free times in your family, take a minute to read my post, Don’t Be Afraid of Device-free Times in Your Family.

You can download the Common Sense Media infographic (JPG or PDF) and find options to read the key findings or the entire report. Go directly to the key findings page.

To download the file, you will need to sign up and sign in to Common Sense Media (or sign in with one of your other social media accounts, either Twitter, Facebook, or Google). By signing in, you can also get the key findings and check out the full report.


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