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Listening to Bill Gates – My Notes

Read Bill Gates’ Annual Foundation Letter

Below I’ve shared some of the interesting points from Bill Gates’ education presentation at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conference. The foundation is no less energized in the area of 21 Century and digital learning than it is in international health.

  • Gates believes that we have a big opportunity for change over the next ten years.
  • Teaching is not about access to knowledge — it’s about making the material relevant and connecting the learning with information that will nourish minds. Oh, and creating more knowledge…
  • Judgment and critical evaluation skills (about content) will be paramount.

[My note: This goes for kids, adolescents, adults, and seniors.]

Continuing with Bill Gates’ thoughts…

Read Bill Gates’ Annual Foundation Letter (2012)
  • New technology is not about saving money. When we save money in one place, the new more digital program uses the money saved.
  • Technology just adds personalization, customization, and access — not a substitute for a teacher.
  • The Gates Foundation goal is to reduce the educational divide so that the children with little access now gain a more equal footing.
  • Over the next 10 years Gates believes that educators will spend time:
    • changing and redesigning textbooks;
    • identifying our best teachers and their skills and helping other teachers improve their skills;
    • connecting learners and learning through the social network; and
    • personalizing learning — helping learners develop a knowledge path that is based on previous learning successes.

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