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Relying on a Resume? Think Bigger!

If you are a parent helping an adolescent get started on the first hunt for a job or internship, or if you know someone who is searching for a job right now, Business Insider has just published an unusual infographic to help you understand that a resume may not always be the best — or at least not the only — job seeker’s tool.

This infographic offers an overview of the personal characteristics that employers cannot discover just by reading resumes. Any individual who seeks a position in this day and age needs to think about how to expand a resume and more clearly demonstrate these additional traits to potential employers.  These include:

  • People skills
  • Grace under pressure
  • Integrity
  • Work ethic
  • Charisma
  • Ambition
  • Leadership
  • Positive attitude

The main idea?  “A person is a lot more than a resume,” so job seekers should identify ways to communicate more than what is on a paper resume.

Keep in mind that there are endless ways, in this 21st-century world — blogs, wikis, as well as many other digital tools — that can help a job seeker fashion a digital identity that demonstrates many of the above traits, and sharing this information is as simple as adding links to a resume.

This infographic also offers parents a great opportunity to mentor their young job seekers by discussing the need for positive digital footprints and carefully crafted digital identities.

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