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Print Books or E-Books? What Do You Think?

What’s better — a real book that a person holds and cuddles, rereads or loans to a friend, or an i-book/e-book that is digital, portable, and much easier to lug around?  I’m often asked to take one side or another, but I think that different books are useful in different situations. Moreover, e-books provide well-written and absorbing digital reading experiences that counterbalance the typically truncated prose that kids find on most websites. The goal of every parent and teacher is to help a child love to read, so whether a child gravitates to one type of book or the other doesn’t really matter.

This week I read a great article in one of my magazines (the old-fashioned kind and my favorite), Multimedia & Internet @ Schools. Written by Stephen Abram, PBooks vs. EBooks: Are there Educational Issues? goes into some detail comparing and contrasting the two types of reading media. The magazine’s website makes some articles available for free, but sadly this isn’t one of them. Check back to see if it become free to view because the article is worth reading in its entirety.

Check out the table below to read more of the comparisons from Stephen Abram’s article..

Thoughts About P-Books Thoughts About E-Books
  • Have a reassuring look and feel
  • Use fonts to make reading easy and relaxing for the eye
  • Have no advertising
  • Are easy to loan out to friends
  • Require no special equipment purchases to read
  • Can be recycled and purchased secondhand
  • Leave no digital footprints
  • Can choose to enjoy the experience of a bookstore
  • Can carry lots of books around on a device
  • Take notes easily
  • Make easy searches while reading books
  • Is ADA compliant including accommodations for  people with different learning styles
  • Save paper and other resources
  • Cannot share with others
  • Can highlight parts of each book
  • Cannot share electronic copies

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