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My New KarmaGo — It’s Here So Watch for My Reports #1

I’ve been waiting and waiting. I realized that the KarmaGo was a new device, but I had no idea how popular it would be or how long I’d have to wait for it (like nearly two months). So about two weeks ago I wrote to ask EXACTLY WHEN I might expect it. And the customer service folks got right back to me, explaining that more people had ordered than expected, and that I should have it in hand within two weeks. Also they offered me another gigabyte of memory to use with this mini (and cute) wifi router.

The KarmaGo comes with a handy felt storage pocket. It won’t turn on unless I turn it on.

It’s been two weeks and now I have it in my hand, so check out the photo of my new KarmaGo and the handy little felt bag to use when I carry it around in my purse. The felt container ensures that I don’t turn it on by accident. What a nifty little 21st Century gadget!

For those of your who don’t know, the KarmaGo is a mini router with portable wifi that I’ll carry around. I can turn it on whenever I need wifi and keep if off when I’m not using  it. I buy the wifi access that I require. as I need it and I’ll be learning a lot in the next few days!

I can report that other than the time I signed in and downloaded the app, the setup took no time at all. I turned it on, chose Karma as my iPhone’s wifi, and we were ready to go. My home seems to have great coverage, which is exactly what I wanted when one of Comcast’s fairly regular service gaps occurs (meaning there is no service). The real test will occur when that next happens and we then discover whether we can still get our wifi. Oh and more than one device can share the KarmaGo access.

In the meantime a set of secondary tests will occur as we are driving around in the car and on longer trips. If a task arises and we need wifi to figure it out, but I’ll sign the iPhone on to the KarmaGo’s access. We’ll see what happens and whether it is as cool as I want it to be. I’ll also be watching to see how much Karma service is offered and in what areas, though I fully expect that some of the rural areas that we drive through will have spotty coverage for this little device. I am expecting lots of places where it does not have the best coverage,

The KarmaGo was inexpensive as devices go, and users pay for access. I have no idea how fast we’ll use the memory. We are not digital device movie watchers, but we do love to play music. I have 2.1 gigabytes to play with, but it will be interesting to see how much access costs.

I’m off with KarmaGo!

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