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When It Comes to Check Writing “The Times Are A’ changin”

With thanks to the Deviant Art blog,
With thanks to the Deviant Art blog,

People of a certain age write checks. People of a much younger certain age, mainly millennials don’t, instead using their mobile phones for most of their financial transactions.

It would be hard to find an elder who cannot write a check, and most aging children still write them, albeit far less frequently. Some parents have given a check to their millennial young adult, only to have their child carry it around in a wallet for weeks and weeks rather than cashing it.

Now according to Washington Post Wonkblog writer, Christopher Ingraham, how to write a check is a big search item on Google.           

One reason is that as young people move into their first rental apartments, most of which are properties owned by people rather than corporations, the new renters need to write checks.  The owners run businesses that are too small to have a credit card or electronic payment system.

Read what one financial company, Transcentra, writes about providing services to Millennials, Will Millennials Ever Need to Write a Check?

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