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Has Your Child Grown Up With Google? Check Out This Article

Ever so often adults are reminded that the world where we grew up is dramatically different from the world where our 21st Century children live, learn, and grow. What is new and different for parents and educators is merely routine to digital kids.

Over at the TeachThought blog I discovered an interesting article about the dramatic life changes that have occurred during the first 16 years of Google’s existence (dramatic to adults, that is). The author uses Google as a yardstick to measure the ways the world has changed during those 16 years, Click on the box below to read the whole article.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.57.37 PM

Published in June 2014 by Terry Heick, the TeachThought post explains that k-12 learners have never known a world without Google, its searches, its various apps, and the many digital-life changes that now exist. Twenty-first Century learners take the many cultural innovations and advances for granted while many adults consider them to be super new conveniences (or sometimes nuisances).

My Favorites from the Article (but be sure and read the whole piece)

  1. Believing that they know technology better than adults (it’s like a secret language)
  2. Acronyms (especially “inside” acronyms that obscure communication from adults)
  3. WiFi (it’s not just “convenient,” they tend to think of WiFi how older generations grew up thinking of telephones or television–par for the course)
  4. Brief bursts of communication (as opposed to extended dialogue)

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