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So What Else Can Google Do?

Made with Tagul!
Made with Tagul!

Did you know that, besides searching, Google can carry out a variety of simple tasks in daily life — making 21st Century connected life easier or at least a bit quicker? Amaze your children or students by trying out and sharing a few of these Google bells and whistles. A few of the tasks may also support learning activities.

  1. Use Google as a timer by typing set time to 24 minutes.
  2. Find a movie release by typing the name of the movie and the word release: e.g., Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel release.
  3. Check out the sunrise and sunset times by typing sunrise in [town or city].
  4. Get the weather forecast by typing forecast [town or city].
  5. Get a definition by typing define [word here].
  6. Figure out a tip by typing tip calculator.
  7. Get songs by groups you like by typing songs by the [group name].
  8. Convert measurements by typing convert and the units that you want to convert to: e.g., convert 3 yards to meters.
  9. Find books by a certain author by typing books by [author’s name].
  10. Get a definition by typing define [word here].

Check out even more!     

  1. Have you missed some of the Google Doodles? Get them back to the late 1990s by typing Doodles.
  2. Are you trying to find something that’s buried on a website? Try typing the website name plus what you are looking for: e.g. Marti Weston. Note: You do not need the entire web address.
  3. Exclude certain things in a search by typing the topic, a space, a minus sign, and the item to be excluded: e.g., cats -musical
  4. Use quotations around specific words if you want to results to preserve word order: e.g., “Marti Weston” This gets rid of Google searches that find Marti and Weston and just gives you sites where Google finds “Marti Weston.”
  5. Turn on Google safe search in a moment by typing the words safe search.
  6. Compare products, e.g., to compare video downloading sites type Netflix vs amazon prime. I also tried comparing various appliances.
  7. Flip a virtual coin by typing flip a coin.
  8. Quickly find customer service phone numbers by typing customer service [name of company]: e.g., Customer service Bank of America
  9. Get right to a Google image’s original site simply by dragging the picture to the search bar.
  10. Make voice searches. Check for device specific instructions.

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