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My Two Blog Posts at A Platform for Good

Blogging can be a solitary endeavor, so it’s exciting when another cool website publishes a blogger’s thoughts and ideas. Over the past several weeks I’ve had two blog posts published over at A Platform for Good (PFG), a part of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI).

Visit A Platform for Good

PFG aims to encourage parents, kids, and educators to connect with one another and think about “doing good” in the digital world. The website and the blog focus on a range of interesting topics with lots of ideas on digital parenting, learning, growing up in today’s world, and many other authentic opportunities  — all great for us to have access to in a connected world.

What I especially like about PFG is that the group works hard to divert the conversation away — as much as possible — from the fear and anxiety that seem to permeate so many Internet conversations. The Mission of PFG and to some extent FOSI is to keep an important and positive conversation going on safety and appropriate behavior, but also to focus on the exciting activities that enable people to learn, help one another, and improve lives. The PFG website also maintains a Resource Center where parents and educators can learn lost more about important issues, apps, activities, and, of course, privacy.

So I’ve had two blog posts published over at the PFG blog.  Please check them out and then explore the site, and then let me know what you think.

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