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Scary Headlines? Main Media Outlets Need Media Literacy Training!

Who writes these headlines? On it’s site, The American Academy of Pediatrics comes out with a balanced, well-written, and thoughtful social media guide for physicians — one that encourages pediatricians to focus on wellness by paying attention to the media and social media activities of their patients, and this is the headline (at Time)?

“Facebook depression” is a small part of the policy statement, but the benefits and the learning opportunities offered by social media are a larger part. Rather than focusing on the positives and on the recommendations for moderation, the media is shouting out the negatives. My fifth grade media literacy students can run circles around these headline writers.

A recent US News and World Report article features a headline that is balanced and far more sensible.

I was sitting in a doctor’s office this morning and saw the above headlines. Later at home (the hospital where my doc practices does not have wireless, but that’s another post) I read Tina Barseghian’s KQED MindShift piece, Stirring Up Fear. Take a few minutes to check out her post and take notice of the other headlines she discovered.

N.B. Barseghian quotes Dr. Megan Moreno (Dr. Meg). One of the first posts here on MediaTechParenting was Modifying Adolescent Risky Behavior on Social Networking Sites, a piece describing Dr. Meg’s research. Her article, Reducing At-Risk Adolescents’ Display of Risk Behavior on a Social Networking Web Site (abstract), was published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and is freely available.

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