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Trend Micro’s Family Internet Safety and Citizenship Site

Trend Micro, a web security firm, devotes a part of the company’s website to Internet Safety for Families and Kids. The section is well-organized and topical so a visitor can quickly scan a list of subjects to find tips, links to organizations that support digital citizenship, and an internet safety and citizenship resources library that includes a wide range of documents available downloading and sharing. Topics include Safety Tips for Social Networking, three short videos on social networking, and A Safety Guide for Web Threats. These and other documents can be used as handouts for parent organizations and discussion groups, or  just shared during those parent-child conversations that are so necessary in today’s digital world.

Trend Micro partners with organizations such as Common Sense Media and Connect Safely. In addition the site works with the Identity Theft Resource Center, making available the vast resources of that organization to help families who are victims of digital identity theft. The company offers a set of free internet security tools, including a security app for iTunes. A small grant program offers organizations working on internet safety and educational initiatives the opportunity to apply for financial support

NOTE: Use the link below to download Trend Micro’s web security threat PDF. This handout, shared with family members, can help everyone understand the potential threats to the digital tools and information residing in your home.

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