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Online Education Moves into Our Lives

If you haven’t read the article, GWU Launches Online Prep School, appearing in the January 22, 2011 Washington Post, check it out. The piece, by reporter Daniel de Vise describes the digital school, but he also explains how a dramatic shift — toward digital learning — is occurring world of education as more and more people take computer-based online learning courses. The  article also examines whether online learning is a good learning tool in the world of adolescents. The jury is still out on this question, because of the strong organizational skills that are required to complete an online course. You can visit the GWU Online High School website and also the Stanford University Online High School website.

One thought on “Online Education Moves into Our Lives

  1. I think online courses are a great alternative. As long as classes are designed well and establish some sort of community, they can be very effective. An underserved population, for example, could have more offerings through an online school than they could at their traditional school. Conversely, a student that feels unsafe at their own school, could take online classes to complete their degree in safety.
    Whether the class is offered in a brick and mortar setting or in the clouds of the Internet, good teaching and curriculum design remains at the core of a successful education.

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