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Internet Public Library — Bookmark It!

Parents and teachers are always on the hunt for a reliable Internet site that children can visit time after time and be certain of the quality and reliability of the content. The Internet Public Library (ipl2) fits the bill, a resource that is just as good for adults as it is for children. With a motto of “Information You Can Trust” the IPL2 is a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites with links to online texts, newspapers, and other resources. Librarians review everything in the collection.

What to Check Out at the Internet Public Library

  • Ask a Librarian services, one service for kids under age 13 and another for adults (available 24-7 not available on some holidays).
  • Special information sections for kids with reference materials, magazines, and an interesting math and science resource area (see blue image on right as an example).
  • Teen reference materials along with interesting sections such as one for adolescents called Frequently Asked Embarrassing Questions. Adolescents will also find a useful guide to writing a research paper that can supplement any resources from teachers.
  • Magazine and periodicals grouped by state, country, and sometimes continent. IPL2 groups magazines by subject. Links to lots of small-town and less-well-known periodicals are in this area.
  • Special collections on a large number of topics, some eclectic.
  • Links to favorite authors with interviews, addresses, websites, and more. Some authors are participating in the IPL2 with original interviews and essays.
  • Literary criticism — an enormous collection — organized by country, author, and year.
  • A category called Pathfinders, expert guides on a wide range of topics, developed at IPL2 and with a goal of helping get started with searches on complex issues.

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