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40 Really Cool Tips for iPhone Users

The emoji keyboard has several icon screens.

iPhones seem to have unlimited features to tweak. Since I have owned iPhones for more than four years, I tend to believe I am pretty expert about using them.

Then I read this Christian Science Monitor article, 40 iPhone Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know, and discovered that I still have quite a few cool new things to learn. The February 2012 report, by Megan Riesz, Eoin O’Carroll, and Chris Gaylord, includes a few far-fetched suggestions that I will never do — in my case some the ideas for tweaking Siri — but it also includes several iPhone tweaks that I’ve already added as I was making my way through the 40 tips.

A Few of My Favorites

  1.   Create an “app “out of a website that you visit a lot.
  2.   Take better pics with HDR photography.
  3.  Install the “emojis” keyboard with lots of little pics and icons — especially nice for texting.
  4.  Take a screen shot on the iPhone.


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What We Do When the Power Goes Out

We unplugged all of our gadgets in case a surge occurred when the power came on.

Check out the November 9, 2012 New York Times piece, Hurricane Sandy Reveals a Life Unplugged. The article by reporter, Aimee Lee Ball, describes the experiences of New York and New Jersey families who lost power and home access to their computers and digital devices during and after Superstorm Sandy.

Each family handled the situation differently, but many children and their parents found it was a challenge to engage in non-digital activities over a longer period of time.

The Best Quotes in the Article

  •  “One of greatest skills you can teach a child is: You don’t have to be hooked up to any machine to get through life,” said Mr. Powers, the author of “Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age.”
  • “The problem I see us bumping against is how attached we adults are to our own digital devices,” said Ms. Frederick. …“You have to check yourself if you’re going to lay down the law for your kids.”

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