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Five Articles About the Apple Parental Control App Controversy

The thing is, I love Apple. I’ve owned various Apple computers since 1984 and iPhones for almost ten years. Not to mention various other items like iPods and IPads. But once in a while, I find the policies in the App Store to be dispiriting. Now is one of those times.

screentimeAs a specialist in 21st Century educational technology and media literacy, I’ve often helped parents select a parental control app that is right for each family. Lots of these apps are out there, and they allow adults to ensure that their children are not misusing their mobile devices

Many of these parents realized the need for these apps, bought them — and used them — early on. Digital parenting is challenging, many of these parents took their responsibilities seriously, and the companies that enabled these good decisions should also be taken seriously.

Frankly, when it comes to monitoring screen time, Apple came late to the party. Continue reading “Five Articles About the Apple Parental Control App Controversy”

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Goodbye Steve Jobs! Most Insightful Memorial Writers

Memorial messages at the Apple store near my home.

The other day when my 88-year-old dad wrote a daily blog post — about the life and achievements of Steve Jobs — I realized, once again, just how much Jobs’ life, vision, and achievements are a part of our general culture. More importantly, how much Jobs changed our lives.

One doesn’t need to be digitally savvy, a gadget fanatic, an iPhone evangelist, or even a Macintosh loyalist. All that’s required is experience with one intuitive Apple product — in this case, my dad writing on his iPad — and an interest in the news.

Over the many years that I’ve spent working in the educational technology field, that’s the way it’s gone again and again. Give students, teachers, a senior adult — in fact just about anyone — a Mac computer or iPad, and they use it and work with it independently. We tech people barely see them because they are off using their computers.

As Farhad Manjoo wrote in his Slate appreciation of Steve Jobs, “…he changed what you do every day.”

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