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To Share or Not to Share a Photo?

Infographics_Post a Photo_letter_051712_letter sizeCommon Sense Media has, for years, posted this excellent image-sharing resource, and it’s as timely today as it was when it was first published. The infographic posits a series of questions for 21st Century middle and high school kids to consider before deciding to share a photo on a digital device.

The questions probably take less than a minute to think about — time well spent if a digital child identifies certain potential consequences and decides not to share an image.

Educators and parents can post this infographic in obvious places at school and home as reminders about the importance of asking a few critical questions before sharing a picture. At my school I handed out copies of the chart each year to elementary and middle school parents, and often they got back in touch with me for multiple copies or asked for the Common Sense Media link. The high-quality image at Common Sense Media is downloadable.

Now… has anyone made a similar handout with questions for 21st Century parents to consider before sharing images of their kids that undoubtedly become a part of a child’s future digital dossier?

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