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I Love My Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speakers!

It’s great fun to think about how technology improves our lives, especially given how much people worry about digital world problems. For me one of the best changes in our 21st Century lives has been the new and improved ways that I can listen to music, podcasts, and radio programs.

One of my Sonos wireless speakers

These days with our Sonos Play:1 wireless sound system, my family listens to a vastly expanded range of music, radio stations, podcasts, and much more. Tune speakers sit at strategic  locations around the house, and though we still regularly listen to “old-fashioned” radios, our wireless system is gradually taking over because of its amazing sound quality. The first time we played music on one of our Sonos speakers we joked that it felt like the musicians were in the room with us.

Using the Sonos app, each Play:1 speaker — we now have four — is easily connected to our wi-fi network, and then it runs through a sound test to become familiar with its room. The app also allows us to group the speakers and play the same music throughout the house or keep them separate, thereby allowing any member of the family to listen to different media on the closest Play:1 — once each speaker played different music at the same time for people in each of the rooms.  Perfect for any household with diverse listening tastes!      

An old friend with radio, a CD player and even a cassette tape player.

The Sonos app also gives us entre to radio stations (by connecting to the built-in TuneIn app), music services, podcasts, and the personal playlists on our digital devices. Of course, Sonos has a sleep timer and an alarm clock — so wonderful to be awakened with high quality music.

The TuneIn app itself is amazing. Whether on a phone that’s connected to the car’s audio system  or embedded into the Sonos app at home. TuneIn brings us radio stations from around the world. Users can search for any station, genre (classical, folk, hip-hop, country, podcasts, comedy, news, sports, etc.), or as I’ve recently learned, even a specific musical composition.

What TuneIn looks when I open my app.

The other day as we drove to an orchestra concert where Beethoven’s Third  Symphony (Eroica) would be performed, I plugged in my mobile phone, searched for that composition on TuneIn, and within moments we were listening to that music. TuneIn also has a premium version that offers audio books and other media, and we are considering signing up.

Recently I attended a meeting. Four of the people in the room were in their 20s and 30s while another woman and I were at least 25 years older. When we spoke of listening to the news, it turned out that none of the younger people in the room even owned radios. Amazing — because just a few years ago radios were everywhere.

What a treat to have so many listening options! How do members of your family consume media — music, news, podcasts, audio books, etc.?

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