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It’s Summer: Take this Quiz and then Visit Your Local Library

Pew Internet Libraries
Click to visit the Pew site and take the quiz.

It’s summer and if you and your children — those digital kids you are raising —  are not regular library users, you should be. Almost any teacher will tell you that children who regularly use libraries develop better and more sustained reading habits. More significantly, I’ve observed that my 21st Century students with public library habits are often more critical and thoughtful users of digital materials, whether they use those digital materials at home, school, or even away from adult supervision.

No matter where you are located this summer, a library is probably nearby. Moreover, in addition to great books, many public libraries provide excellent tutorials on searching, evaluating resources, and digital commonsense. Be sure to visit.

The Pew Internet organization published a survey about libraries and the engagement typology of users. Click on the image to take the quiz, developed from the questions asked by researchers in a nationally representative Pew survey of 6,224 individuals. All of those surveyed were Americans, age 16 and older.

As fun and easy as it is to read on digital devices, let’s remember, at least part of the time, the joy of reading a book. What kind of library user are you?


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