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10 Tips to Ensure that You Use Accurate Digital Information

Even in today’s fast-paced virtual world, these tips never seem to age. Help kids learn to make good choices.

1.  Who made the site? Is it from a university or other institution? Is it for-profit or non-profit. Corporate?  Look for an “about” link that describes the site.

2.  When was the site made and how often is the site updated? Somewhere, usually at top or bottom it should tell. Is this site updated recently?  If not this may be a reason to check out another website on your topic.

3.  Is it possible to contact the webmaster or the sponsor of the site? Is there a “contact us” link somewhere on the page?

4.  How much advertising is on the page, and how aggressive is it? Good sites that use advertising are careful to keep it from being “in your face.”

5.  Does the site state its mission? Why was it set up?

6.  Does the site give biographical information about content authors? In today’s world anyone can write anything about a topic. Are the writers qualified explain content on the subject?

7.  How much of the site has significant content and how much focuses on opinion? If you are searching for facts,  avoid sites that focus on opinions.

8.  Can you look at a similar site and confirm the information? It is always good to find a second site that confirms the facts.

9.  Does the site have references or footnotes? Do the authors say where the information came from?  Do lots of links connect the web sites with other good sources of information?

10. Is the site easy to use? Navigation is easy on good websites. Can you get to the information you are seeking with just a few clicks?  Can you return to the first page easily?

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