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Follow the Privacy Lives Blog

If you are as concerned about loss of privacy as I am, I encourage you to follow the Privacy Lives blog. Publisher Melissa Ngo reviews articles, government issues, children, the Constitution, and much more. Here’s a bit of what she has posted about the blog’s mission on her About page.

Maintain Privacy

In 1755, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Centuries later, we face numerous attacks on our privacy and civil rights, ostensibly for national security. Phone calls are tapped, e-mails are read, and individuals are tracked by video surveillance. We’re told that if you’re not for these invasive surveillance tactics, then you’re with the terrorists. Privacy Lives rejects such fear mongering. This site will chronicle and analyze these attacks and various defenses against them to show that privacy lives on, despite this onslaught.

Some Interesting Links to Get You Started (but don’t stop with these)

While some posts can be a bit technical, Privacy Lives locates and reports most of the significant articles and events on its topic. This blog contains lots of information about preserving privacy for yourself and your family.

Given the lack of concern, and sometimes even cavalier attitude of adolescents when they discuss privacy issues, it is up to parents to learn as much as they can and share that information with their children.

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