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Typing Web Touch Typing Site: BookMark It!

It’s been some time since I’ve found keyboarding lessons that look good, really focus on touch typing, and are as enjoyable as typing lessons can ever be when a youngster has to develop a visual memory of the keyboard. However, here’s a keyboarding site — discovered a few days ago in a Twitter feed — that just may fit the bill.

I think that Typing Web may be a find — lessons that can help kids master keyboarding without lots of distractions and violent games. It’s web-based — a web 2.0 interactive site — so kids can use it at home or teachers can introduce it to a class at school. The site includes plenty of lessons and and good games (some of them made me laugh). A related site, Fun to Type, has more games.

If you have children who need keyboarding practice, give this site a try.

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