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SOPA Best Coverage: We Need to Learn More Since It Will Be Back

So maybe, other than discovering that Wikipedia wasn’t working very well, you did not really get into all of the brouhaha about SOPA.

Fine, but if you read blogs or write for blogs or just do a lot on the web, you need to learn a lot about this issue. Below is a basic reading list, culled reliable press sources, to help you understand more.

What stands out in many of the articles, is how many of our representatives in Congress do not know or even understand enough about the digital world to be making policy about it. I wonder how many representatives and senators based a decision on a single staff memo or an index card with important (but perhaps poorly explained) bullet points? Right now the bill is not going anywhere, but this issue will come back.

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Take Action on SOPA – If you Read or Write for Blogs

Take time today to call (that’s right telephone) Congressional offices

and tell them that this iteration of SOPA will encourage

all sorts of censorship — and it’s wrong!

Call the US Capitol operators and ask for your representatives’ office telephone numbers.


Look up your Representatives or Senators here.

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