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Thinking About a Blog?

Visit Start a Family Blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog for school, work, or family? It a terrific communication opportunity.

At SomeNovelIdeas, a blog authored by librarian Stacy Nockowitz, would be bloggers will find a comprehensive list of links to help them get started. She organizes her links into following categories:

    • Blogging Basics
    • Blogging Resources
    • Blogs About Blogging
    • Blogs to Follow
    • Blogging Platforms
    • Images

Also included at the bottom of the resource page is a glossary of blogging terms.

Last year I taught a short blogging course to parents at my school. My Start a Family Blog classhosted on a WordPress blog for two months, is still available.

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If Every Family Had a Blog…

How would digital literacy and behavior improve if more families saw blogging as a way to communicate, connect with extended family members, and teach their children the basics about global communication? Would they be thrilled that their children had a big head start developing digital citizenship skills? Would they be delighted at all of the writing taking place and take pride as they watched children develop stronger writing skills?

Blogging is safe and easily managed. While we’ve all heard the scary stories, such as people going online and writing mean comments or nasty rumors that go public or even viral — in truth just about all blogging is safe and fun. Blogging teaches people to write, revise, write more, and publish for a community of readers.

Imagine, for a moment, if a family with two children, age five and seven, along with a bunch of relatives, starts a blog.

  • Family members, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins write, post, and comment. Parents are editors and managers, at least at the beginning, modeling and demonstrating how to use technology (social media) appropriately. Gradually family members share responsibilities.
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