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Picture Books Help Digital Children Understand the Images in Their Lives

In today’s digital world children, pre-adolescents, and teens are bombarded with images that they must try to understand and not the issues around fake news make image evaluation skills increasingly important. It turns out that old-fashioned, non-digital children’s picture books may be one of the best ways to help young children begin to build the 21st Century skills necessary to evaluate and draw conclusions about images.

This post from several years ago explores the topic, but one aspect is different in 2016. Children’s bookstores, and independent books have been opening made a comeback! So perhaps with so many more opportunities to see quality children’s books and parents will have more opportunities to purchase books.

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Many years ago my early elementary school aged daughter met author Daniel Pinkwater in a bookstore. After listening to him read and getting his autograph, she offered him a suggestion about a picture in one of his books. My husband and I were shocked at first, but then we congratulated ourselves — our daughter was so experienced and comfortable with picture books that she felt right at home giving a suggestion to a noted author.

Visit Eric Carle’s Museum of Picture Book Art

Ensuring that picture books — lots of them — play a significant role in a child’s life is a required task for digital world parents. Today all children need to evaluate the images — especially the digital pictures — that saturate their lives. The Google Answers site points out that an average American is exposed to huge numbers of commercial messages each day (note the wide range of…

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