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Watch What You Watch – New Media PSA for Girls

A couple of weeks ago a group of media literacy advocates gathered in the Washington, DC area for the Healthy Media for Youth Summit, focusing on the importance of media literacy and the need to address negative female media images. According to a press release, the group  “…considered and identified ways to promote media messages that inspire, empower, and engage youth.”  Attendees watched the premier of this amazing and engaging public service video announcement.

After you watch the video, pass on the link to parents and teachers who will share it with young people. Any parent with a daughter moving into middle school and adolescence knows how frustrating it is to watch a child interact with unhealthy media images in magazines, movies, television shows, and now spread all over the World Wide Web. Parents of boys have similar concerns, though this particular PSA is aimed at young women and girls.

Media literacy advocates and sponsors, including the Girl Scouts of America (see end of post for others) and a number of well-known celebrities joined in the panels and deliberations. Check out the new media literacy website at the Girl Scouts.

Please consider reading my post The Center for Media and Child Health-Meet the Mediatrician. In addition the American Academy of Pediatrics website includes this page about media and children.

Summit Partners and Related Organizations

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