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Parents, Please Don’t Belittle Yourself

Recently, while on vacation, I found myself talking to parents of middle school children at the local swimming area. As often happens, we spoke about children, jobs, and the wonders of vacation. When they inquired about what I do, I mentioned that I concentrate on educational technology and teach in a K-12 school.

Almost as soon as the people heard about my work, they began talking about technology and media — their lack of skill and understanding, their children’s immense comfort and skill, and how their kids can solve almost every computer problem in the house. A few minutes later I listened to their concerns about social networking, YouTube, Facebook, and how much time their children spend on the computer at home and on their smart phones just about anywhere.

I asked who sets up the computer in the house?  One of the children, most answered. I asked who does the system upgrading?  The children. I asked whether either parent had a Facebook or Twitter account?  No, some of them said. Not enough time –too busy.

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