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A Few Back-to-School Posts from the Past

backtoschool postsEach year I write a back-to-school post, that challenges parents and educators to think about the ever-changing lives we live as parents and teachers in our increasingly digital world. This year my  2015 post, A Back-to-School Digital Parenting Checklist, received quite a few hits.

So today I am re-sharing several of my back-to-school pieces from the start of previous academic years. Despite how fast change occurs in our lives, these posts are still timely.                             

  • I wrote Back-to-School Research Tips: Use Curated Databases in September 2012 reminding parents and educators that students benefit when they use the excellent curated reference databases that libraries (both school and public) make available to students. Using these resources is far better than starting any project with a Google search.
  • After a 2011 student discussion about using materials from the web during the first week of school I wrote Digital World Always Attribute Sources, about the need to document every reference used in a project or report, even if something doesn’t seem especially important.


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