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Third Grade Good Things for 2015 Safer Internet Day

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Think of One Good Thing for Safer Internet Day 2015!

If you are a parent or an educator, it’s easy to think about some of the complications that the Internet brings into our lives.

Far more significant, however, are the many good changes such as access to information and easy communication. Celebrating the good things is what Safer Internet Day 2015 is all about. (Check out these K-8 lesson plans.)

Yesterday I spent time with a group of third graders, and we spoke about the difference between digital and non-digital activities in their lives. We made lists of the things that we do off-line, those that we can do online, and the activities that are possible to do both online and off — reading, for instance, and playing games.

At the end of a spirited conversation about whether it’s more fun to read a book or use an e-reader, the third graders thought up and shared some “good things” that the connected world (the Internet) brings into their lives (of course none of them remember when there was a non-connected world). Each child was asked to think of one thing about the connected world that is fun, helpful, or just plain good.

Imagining “One Good Thing” is an important part of the Safer Internet Day 2015, February 10th celebrations in the United States. Read this article about 2015 events in the San Jose Mercury News.

You can get some ideas for your own by visiting Safer Internet Day celebration site or by checking out the K-8 lesson plans.

Below is the third graders’ list without the duplications.

A Few Third Grade “One Good Things”

  • I can get information fast.
  • I can talk with my friends.
  • I can find games that I might not know about.
  • I can FaceTime with my grandparents and cousins.
  • If I lose my homework I can get it from a friend pretty fast.
  • I can see pictures of where we go on vacation.
  • I can share pictures and ideas with my friends.

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