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Sexting Information for Concerned Parents from FOSI

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Click here to get the FOSI brief.

If you worry about sexting, your child, and even the friends of your children, take a few minutes to read a Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) digital parenting brief, Sexting: Felony or Flirting? This article fills in a lot of blanks for concerned parents who observe adolescents treating the sexting issues with almost casual regard.

The piece, by FOSI International Policy Manager, Emma Morris, offers broad information and excellent advice for the parents of digital kids, including overviews of recent news stories, research, and court cases.

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Ultimately prevention is the only way to stop teenagers coming into contact with the criminal justice system for sexting. According to research from Drexel University there is a lack of awareness among young people about the possible legal consequences of sexting, and this is of concern. However, education efforts must be broader than the legal ramifications if they are to work properly; they must encompass reputational harm as well.

Another interesting article on sexting appeared in The Atlantic in November 2014. In her article, Why Kids Sext, Hanna Rosin examines the problem in one community and consults many experts, especially in the legal field.

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