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Big Tech Thinkers Talk About Privacy

Sherry Turkle’s 2012 TED Talk

NPR’s All Tech Considered blog has posted a thought-provoking piece on privacy (February 29, 2012).

In New Ways to Think About Online Privacy, Nina Gregory shares what she heard at TED Long Beach where some major technology thinkers and innovators (some speakers, some attenders) shared their thoughts about what Gregory calls “privacy hygiene” (and about what they might be teaching their kids about the subject).

You may not have heard of some of the companies represented, but the thoughts about privacy are worth reading.

In Gregory’s article read about the thoughts of:

  • Karen Wickre @ Twitter
  • Luke Flemmer @ Lab49
  • Chris Anderson @ Wired Magazine
  • Sherry Turkle @ MIT
  • David Kobia @ Ushahidi
After reading Alone Together, I shared some of Sherry Turkle’s thoughts on this blog, and I’m a big fan. Listen to her 2012 TED presentation, Places We Don’t Want to Go.

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