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What to do About Facebook Now that Timeline is Here?

Posted by Marti Weston on December 15, 2011

If you or your children or your aging parents are active Facebook users, take a look at these articles and continue to follow the news on the just introduced Timeline feature. Looks like, despite setting our privacy controls, that our information will be widely shared. We may have some decisions to make.

What to do? Google + is looking awfully good right now. Still, I’ve deleted a few things and set up my timeline.

Read these Articles (I’ll add others as I read them.)

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Our Social Media Friends — A Few Interesting Facts

Posted by Marti Weston on March 24, 2011

In a social media situation many parents and teens do not understand the difference between friend and friends of friends. Is the friend of a best pal at camp be OK to accept? What about the older sister of someone from an extracurricular activity such as soccer or dance class?

Read Would You ‘Friend’ a Total Stranger by Bob Sullivan over at the MSNBC Red Tape Chronicles blog. The article discusses how males and females view the friending process differently and describes problems that can occur, especially the potential for stealing personal information, when we accept strangers as friends. The post also includes a link to a Mashable post, Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know.

Another good source that explains more about social networking and the friending process is a post over at The Digital Marketer blog, Real Friends Verses Social Media Friends.

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