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No More Overheated Laptop — Best New Gadget Support!

If you are at all like me, you use a laptop much of the time while it’s sitting — well —  in your lap. Problem is, they get hotter and hotter the longer we work, and eventually, it’s downright uncomfortable, not to mention bad for the computer. If I put the laptop on a pillow, my usual solution, it still gets hot and so does the pillow, which can’t be good.

For Christmas, in a package that claimed to be from Steve Jobs <grin>, I received a Targus Lap Chill Mat Notebook fan, and it has solved the heat problem. When I work, the flat plastic  fan sits on my lap underneath my laptop and connects, via USB, to my Macbook. As soon as it’s connected, the fan comes on, circulating air underneath the laptop and no heat accumulates. It’s a miracle!
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