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Sherry Turkle TED Lecture-Connected but Alone?

The TED Talk site just posted the most recent lecture by MIT professor and psychologist Sherry Turkle. It’s embedded below.

In her presentation, Professor Turkle illustrates several of the most compelling issues from her recent book, Alone Together. She points out that technology may give us an illusion of togetherness with others, but she challenges us to understand that digital connectedness is not a substitute for person-to-person interaction.

  • Are we hiding from each other even as we are connected?
  • With fewer face-to-face conversations with one another are we less able to learn how to have conversations with ourselves?
  • Do feelings that no one is really listening to us make us want to spend more time with machines that make us feel like these devices are listening to us?
  • Are people increasingly willing to settle for the pretend empathy of devices and robots?

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Family Conversations on Digital Life

The Seattle Times recently published Ways for Parents to Ease the Tussle With Teens over Tech Use. The January 27, 2012 article, by Julie Weed, reviews the challenges of digital parenting and suggests five digital life ground rules, including setting up a technology/gadget evening curfew.

Read the entire article.

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No More Overheated Laptop — Best New Gadget Support!

If you are at all like me, you use a laptop much of the time while it’s sitting — well —  in your lap. Problem is, they get hotter and hotter the longer we work, and eventually, it’s downright uncomfortable, not to mention bad for the computer. If I put the laptop on a pillow, my usual solution, it still gets hot and so does the pillow, which can’t be good.

For Christmas, in a package that claimed to be from Steve Jobs <grin>, I received a Targus Lap Chill Mat Notebook fan, and it has solved the heat problem. When I work, the flat plastic  fan sits on my lap underneath my laptop and connects, via USB, to my Macbook. As soon as it’s connected, the fan comes on, circulating air underneath the laptop and no heat accumulates. It’s a miracle!
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CES – Consumer Electronics Show

What’s a parent to do when an unrelenting parade of electronics gadgets and devices appears on the scene and especially on kids’ radars? How can we keep up, let alone be prepared and figure out a few things? To learn a bit, pay attention to the articles and blog posts coming out of the 2011 Consumer’s Electronic Show, occurring now and ending on January 9, 2010 — but the content will be timely for months. A good number of products, some on the cutting edges, debut at the show, though some are not available for purchase  right this minute, and more than a few others may not even be in production yet. Most of the items, however, will be at your local or online vendor quite soon.

For instance… Need a gadget to help you take better pictures because yours are always blurry or bothered by too much light? Check out the Kodak easy-share camera at left, due out soon, a product that is supposed to figure out how to take a good picture even when you have no idea how to do it.

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