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Keeping a Land Line?

Our Oldest Telephone

We are trying to decide whether to give up our land telephone line.

In early February our telephone stopped working. This happens to our phone service from time to time, usually for a few days, always after several days of heavy rain. Each time we call the phone company and each time, a person comes out, tweaks the outside wires, and our phones work again.

Unless it rains a lot, the phones are just fine.

In December when the telephones went down, a repair person from phone company came out, tweaked the line, and once again it started working, but this time they said the problem was in the wiring inside our house. We ignored this since the phones were working

So this time, in February, we dithered about — for five weeks. We did not want the phone company tromping inside our house and telling us that we needed to rewire. Given the phone service connection with the rainy weather, we did not especially agree with the repair people.

So we had an electrician come out, and he tightened all of the wires with the box outside of our house, and now the line is now just fine.


  1. We really do not need this line anymore. In fact, we did not miss it when it was gone for five weeks.
  2. Now that it’s back, the only calls we are getting are from telemarketers who seem to be able to call despite the fact that we are on the “Do Not Call” list.
  3. We do have aging parents who occasionally forget and call us on the line rather than on our cell phones. Perhaps a reason to keep it?
What should we do? Any thoughts?

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