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Facebook Fundraisers & My Credit Card

Create a fundraiserI like how individuals can set up small Facebook fundraisers for various charities as a way to celebrate birthdays and other important occasions.

Sometimes when I might be purchasing a present, or at least a card, contributing to a good cause makes it so much easier. At other times, a Facebook friend may put up a fundraiser for a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Once in a while deciding what to contribute to can be a challenge. especially when half-a-dozen friends set them up around the same time.              

Fbook Fundraising MenuSetting up a fundraiser — either for a non-profit or for personal reasons — is easy, and Facebook keeps an easily accessible list of those that have been shared with you and those you have contributed to. Under the explore tab it’s also possible to see some of the huge fundraisers that are able to collect contributions from a wide range of communities and even countries.

One interesting aspect of these fundraisers should be noted if you are, as I am, protective of your credit card. Once I make a contribution, Facebook saves the credit card number. I bumped into my number quite by accident and deleted it, but then the next time I contributed the number I went looking for it and, of course, it was saved again.

So now, each time I make a contribution, I look for the payment settings link and delete the number — I’ve had to replace credit cards several times this year, so I am probably more attuned to keeping my number off computer screens.


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