Professional Devel & Presentations

Most Recent School Presentation

   — Parents at The Gilman School – October 2015

Most Recent Conference Presentation

      — Parents Are 21st Century Learners, Too, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, October 10, 2014 —

Schools or Conferences Where I’ve Presented to Parents or Teachers

  • The Odyssey School – April 2015
  • Bryn Mawr School Parent Technology Night – October 2014
  • Parents Are 21st Century Learners, Too, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, October 2014
  • Calvert School, November 2013 – Parents and Teachers
  • Green Acres School, January 2014
  • Siena School, March 2014
  • Bryn Mawr School Presentation January 2013 and April 2014
  • Parents Are 21st Century Learners, Too National Association of Independent Schools – February 2013 (with Renee Hawkins, Larry Kahn, & Vinnie Vrotny)
  • Presentations from Past Years
    • Bullis School
    • The Gordon School – Teachers
    • Capital Hill Day School

(All others are listed in chronological order.)

  • AIMS Technology Retreat – May 2014
  • “Class-on-a-blog” concentrating on family blogging, summer 2011 — I taught it by setting up Start a Family Blog and using it to teach the lessons to parents.
  • “Class-on-a-blog” to help adults learn more about their kids’ digital world — Discover Your Child’s Digital World — concentrating on describing the tools, sites, and apps that teens and tweens love to use, spring and summer 2013 and continuing into the 2013-14 academic year.
  • DigiParenting Wiki — Websites, articles, presentations, blogs and other resources to help schools address 21st Century parents learn and understand more about the lives of their digital kids. Originally prepared for a workshop at the 2013 National Association of Independent Schools conference.
  • ISTE Conference – Philadelphia, June 2011 –  I wrote blog post throughout this weeklong international conference.
  • Independent School magazine published my article telling the story of how in 1961, teachers, students, and parents at my school responded to Massive Resistance, a period of Virginia history when Prince Edward County closed its public schools.
  • NAIS 2012 – Informal descriptions about the Seattle conference that I attended in February 2012.
  • Personal Learning Practice (PLP) – I completed a year-long PLP professional development project as a member of the Georgetown Day School team.

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