Celebrating 100 Posts on Media! Tech! Parenting!

Today Media!Tech!Parenting! is nine months old, and this is my 100th post. I have found much to write about, so I never quite make it to the bottom of a pile of articles and books. In fact, I am discovering so many relevant and compelling items that my supply only grows larger.

Today, however, I am taking a break. To celebrate, this 100th post has links to ten of my favorites from the past nine months.

  1. Picture Books Help Digital Children Understand Images
  2. Conversations About Commenting
  3. The Power of Instant Images, Part I
  4. The Power Of Instant Images, Part II: 8 Guidelines to Safeguard a Personal Image
  5. Kids and Web Credibility
  6. Intention vs. Consequence: What Kids Don’t Understand
  7. Terms of Use: How Much Can You Read?
  8. Kids, Hate Groups, and the Internet
  9. Why Wikipedia? A Parent’s Introduction
  10. Parents, Please Don’t Belittle Yourselves

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