Best Reads: Learning and Digital Life

Welcome to the MediaTechParenting book gallery.

Below I’ve added images for some of my current favorites. I’ve used images from authors’ websites or book reviews. To help you learn more I’ve linked each image to additional information.

When I read non-fiction I am often reading three to five books during the same time period. If you were to walk around my house you would observe several piles of books — all of them current. I tend to go from one volume to another, reading one  for a while, putting it down to give myself time to mull over what I’ve just read, and then moving on to engage with a different book.

My multiple book reading routine is only for non-fiction volumes that I expect to finish. However, if I don’t expect to complete a book, or if I do not like it that well, I may put it down and ignore it thereafter, but more often I’ll speed read it quickly, usually over the course of an hour or two.

N.B. I read most volumes of fiction straight through.

3 thoughts on “Best Reads: Learning and Digital Life

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