Digital World Freedom – Hillary Clinton’s Internet Keynote

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a keynote speech (see embedded video below) at the Netherlands’ sponsored BigTent event (supported almost entirely by Google) in The Hague. Foreign ministers from 16 countries attended the December 2011 event.

In her address Clinton focused on freedom of access to information and free speech issues. Her presentation is about 26 minutes long. Clinton recommended that companies protect Internet freedoms and avoid selling technology t0 repressive governments that censor the net or spy on Internet users.

Listen to this speech (or read it here at the State Department website) to gain perspective about today’s digital world and to help you think more about the virtual world that net-savvy children will inhabit in the future. Many of her remarks relate directly to digital citizenship.

Best Quotes

The more people who are on the Internet contributing ideas, the more valuable the Internet becomes.

Just as we have worked together since the last century to secure these rights in the material world, we must work together in this century to secure them in cyberspace.

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